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About Us

Want to add something new to your look?​

We're Leverra's Art, and we make Origami jewellery.​

Hi! I'm Shierra Marie Sofuoglu, and I'm the founder of Leverra's Art.

Leverra's Art started as a delightful hobby in 2020!​

I'm a Filipino born in Manila Philippines, who moved to Germany with my German husband in 2018. My love of crafting and designing has always been a part of my life, as well as my appreciation for Japanese art.

In fact, when I first saw an origami crane earring in the Philippines, I knew that making some on my own would be something I really wanted to do. After practising hundreds of designs, as a self-taught Origami Artist, I’d finally taken the initiative to create my own design, which led me to start my own brand.​

Leverra's Art is a small business which makes handmade Origami jewellery. We use Japanese Chiyogami Paper to make our jewellery, and the designs are all inspired by Japanese art. Our handmade jewellery pieces are designed to be different from your typical jewellery, so you can enjoy something new every time you wear it.

We have an online store and some local shops selling our jewellery, so you can buy it online or in person!​

We also sell at affordable rates, so you can get what you love without breaking the bank on a big purchase. We're passionate about what we do because it gives us a chance to expand the knowledge of origami jewellery and what can be made of paper.

Our products include Origami Earrings, Cabochons, Chiyogami papers and more. We've got something for everyone here at Leverra's Art.

If you're looking for unique jewellery that's just not your typical piece of jewellery, check out our site!



“To Bring The Elegance And Beauty Of Origami To The World Through Our Jewelry.”

Our mission is to bring beauty, joy, and confidence to your life through our handmade jewellery. We want people who love handmade jewellery and Japanese art to have access to the best products at affordable prices.

Shierra’s unique style was born out of her desire to create beautiful pieces that capture the essence of nature while also adding some personal touch to each piece she designs herself. We strive to make each customer feel special and appreciated and keep up with the latest trends and styles in the industry.


“To Be Your First Handmade Origami Jewellery Brand.”

We are committed to providing high-quality products that are both beautiful and durable.

We believe that our designs can help everyone express themselves in a unique way. We also believe in the power of art and the importance of preserving traditional skills to inspire and uplift, and we want to use our talents to help others find their own sense of adventure and purpose.

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